Starter Company Plus is a training and mentorship program funded by government of Ontario that helps people over the age of 18 to start a business, grow an existing business of 3 years or less or purchase a current business. 

You may be eligible to receive up to $5,000* in grant funding to put towards your business.

The program provides training and coaching through the Small Business Centre, paired with advice and mentorship from local entrepreneurs to assist and support your business.


*The amount of grant funding is based on strength of the business plan, economic impact (jobs created), personal investment and long-term sustainability.  The number of grants available is limited.

Training and coaching support

Participants will benefit from training and mentoring roundtables with other participants and will meet one-on-one with a business advisor as needed, to ensure the business is progressing and to offer guidance.  Participation in the group sessions is mandatory. These sessions will be 2 hours long and will occur approximately every 2 weeks. Dates to be determined. 

Individual meetings will be scheduled as needed at mutually agreed times.

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