Are you thinking about opening a brick & mortar Main Street Retail Business, or have recently launched a business? 

A bookstore, clothing store, furniture shop, flower shop, hair salon, food specialty store or similar storefront retail business? 

The London Small Business Centre is here to assist you in this journey. Discover all the available resources and support for your Main Street Retail Business. 

Join us for an afternoon of learning about the key aspects of succeeding. Do not miss the chance to gain valuable insights from our Retail Specialists and Seasoned Retail Entrepreneurs that will help you avoid costly mistakes and build strategies to make profits. 

This will be a very interactive seminar that includes 4 Separate Breakout Rooms covering the following topics:

 •          Operational Excellence in Retail

•          Retail Selling & Sales Process 101

•          Would You Work for You? Retail Hiring

•          No Money? No Problem! No-cost/Low-cost Solutions to Promote your Retail Business

COST - $25 + tax

This seminar is presented by the London Small Business Centre. 

Registration is required in advance. Please register using the upcoming seminars section below.

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